Arkansas Supreme Court and Male – Female Equity

The Texarkana Gazette on March 4, 2020 published an Associated Press article entitled Arkansas high court candidate backed by GOP leaders takes an early lead.

The Texarkana Gazette  article is about the 2020 Arkansas State Supreme Court election. My article here uses that article as a launching pad to revisit some thoughts and observations I have on male-female equity.

The referenced Texarkana Gazette  article is about the Arkansas State Supreme Court race for Associate Justice Position 4 to replace retiring Associate Justice Josephine Hart who served since 2012. The race is between Pulaski County Circuit Judge Morgan “Chip” Welch and Barbara Webb, chief administrative law judge of the Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission. Barbara Webb, the leader spoken of, is also the wife of the Arkansas Republican Party Chairman. Her relationship to the GOP leadership has caused some to claim what is supposed to be a non-partisan race has turned into a partisan race. Judiciary positions in Arkansas are suppose to be non-partisan according to Arkansas law.

Barbarba Webb is reportedly being actively promoted and supported by the Arkansas GOP establishment as well as an outside national entity called the Republican State Leadership Committee. She says however she is running as a non-partisan candidate who will perform her duties, if elected, in a non-partisan manner.

In the article, a voter is quoted as saying she voted for Barbara Webb primarily because she is female. Note that her opponent is male. (I omit the voter’s last name in the quote.)

“Diann, 56, a Little Rock nanny who voted for Trump in the Republican primary, said she voted for Webb primarily because she believed a woman should hold a seat on the court. Currently, women hold four of the seven seats on Arkansas’ Supreme Court.”

“I want to see some more women get in there because I think they’re more willing to make changes,” she said.”

Barbara Webb went on the win the election.

Prior to the election females had the majority representation having four of the seven justices which amounts to 71%.  With the election of Barbara Webb this holds true for the court as a female replaced a female.

Of course, proper equity is important, such that whether a candidate is male or female is a proper consideration. However, I hold that the Arkansas Supreme Court is spiritually out of proper balance due to female numerical Judicial dominance in the public group sphere. Such court composition is inconsistent with biblical example and doctrine.

This court composition is a major example of where the present day loudness of the cry of inequity towards females lacks some measure of integrity.

Indeed, though correction needed to be made in certain areas. There seems to have been an over correction as well as changes made in areas in which they should not have been made.

We ought to be careful not to oppress and suppress the male regarding his God assigned role in the home, church, and society at large in correcting unrighteous female oppression. I wonder if far too many men and women have bought into and promote a satanic illusion. We ought to remember God’s warning about the downstream effect of the little leaven leavens the whole lump principle.

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