State of Virginia Repeals Code Outlawing Fornication

According to an article in US News, the State of Virginia has repealed its code under “Crimes Involving Morals and Decency” that outlawed fornication.

This reminds me there is a difference between the Government enacting laws that legalize something in contrast to having a law that criminalizes something. In the case of Virginia violation was s misdemeanor. Idaho, Mississippi, and North Carolina reportedly yet have Fornication laws. Note Virginia seemingly still has a law criminalizing adultery in it’s Code.

Here with this repeal action, the State of Virginia does not have a law approving of fornication. It just does not have a law disapproving of it. It therefore leaves such moral matters to spiritual authorities.

Some of the rationale given for the repeal is sufficient and other insufficient in my view. I do sense the difficulty of fairly enforcing such a law in a society where sex between the unmarried is commonplace.

For example, the implication of such a law would seemingly require every person seeking child support or government aid due to pregnancy/birth to be prosecuted if such a  law was properly implemented.

It is a reminder that the church yet has a most important role in society as thus saith the Lord God, the ultimate standard setter to whom wise individuals and wise governments submit and obey.

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