Jasper Williams On Black Community

Rev. Jasper Williams challeges nationwide black community to look inward first when he did euology for Aretha Franklin.

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Praise God for a preacher like Rev. Jasper Williams who speaks truth to his own rather than letting them just blame other folks.

If all one wants at a funeral is good things said about the deceased just have the 2 minutes remarks period and dont get a preacher to give the euology.

I would have also called for the other racial communities to exercise responsibility to strongly help. But I understand he had been there for 7 hours and he says he didnt have time to say all he wanted. So maybe he would have covered the white race obligations even though they are secondary to the black race obligations. Well done Preacher. Stand strong as Jesus and the apostles did.

Full euology is on youtube here and the post euology news interview is here .

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