Church Leaders and Politics

In regards to church and politics, I don’t believe a pastor or church leader should be able to endorse a candidate nor political party from the pulpit. Voting is a personal matter based on personal priorities. People in the congregation can righteously have different personal priorities as long as those priorities are rooted in godly truth.

Yet I don’t think a pastor should be silent about political issues either. It is his God given authority and responsibility to inform his congregation about what thus says the Lord on every matter humans encounter that have spiritual/moral implications. He must never let the congregation nor the government cause him to not carry out that authority and responsibility.

I believe he should be balanced in his presentation. If he prays for one candidate and/or party he should also pray for the other. If he points out the good of one candidate, official, and/or party he should point out the bad and vice versa.

If he points out the good and bad of one candidate/official/party he should do the same for the opposing/counter candidate/official/party. This balanced approach will go a longs ways to helping reduce race-based erroneous perceptions/stereotypes/attitudes that sustain intergenerational white racism and black racism, etc.

In other words, he should not show favoritism but function in the spirt of balance and fairness. Present the truth and let the people decide from the totality of the truth concerning all if he addresses it at all. This approach should be applied whether he is in the pulpit or on the street corner or at a family/community picnic.

For example, suppose a pastor is pro-life with regards to abortion, then he should also be and actively communicate that he is pro-life with regards to other matters of life to include issues of racism, past and present. Suppose a pastor is pro-life with regards to racial issues then he should also be and actively communicate that he is pro-life with regards to abortion.


Church and Politics

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