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Interesting External Articles


White House Coronavirus Task Force Briefing March 27, 2020 – At about the 11:30 point in the video President Trump said he had signed the $2.2 Trillion bill and it could go up to $6.2 trillion if need be.

IRS Read the rest “Interesting External Articles”

Courts and Law Marriage and Divorce

State of Virginia Repeals Code Outlawing Fornication

According to an article in US News, the State of Virginia has repealed its code under “Crimes Involving Morals and Decency” that outlawed fornication.

This reminds me there is a difference between the Government enacting laws that legalize something in … Read the rest “State of Virginia Repeals Code Outlawing Fornication”

Civil Rights Male and Female Equity Courts and Law Basic Christian Doctrine

Arkansas Supreme Court and Male – Female Equity

The Texarkana Gazette on March 4, 2020 published an Associated Press article entitled Arkansas high court candidate backed by GOP leaders takes an early lead.

The Texarkana Gazette  article is about the 2020 Arkansas State Supreme Court election. My … Read the rest “Arkansas Supreme Court and Male – Female Equity”


A Slave On The Last Slave Ship To Come To America

An article on speaks about an interview done in the 1930s by anthropologist Zora Neale Hurston with a man named Cudjo Lewis who spoke of his being a slave from West Africa brought to America on the Clotilda, believed … Read the rest “A Slave On The Last Slave Ship To Come To America”

Religious Liberty Social Issues

A Note on Abortion

Elizabeth Warren in the 2020 Presidential race answers a question about religious freedom. In her answer she speaks on abortion concluding that the Federal Government should not be involved in the decision making process. The link is below to the … Read the rest “A Note on Abortion”