Educating on Race in K12 and Beyond

We as a nation should be able to devise a system of education that sufficiently covers all matters of interest to the public.

Whites should not want less than what needs to be taught at each K12 and college/university level.

And Blacks should not want more than what needs to be taught at each K12 and college/university level.

It is all about the proper balance.

Arkansas education department won’t allow credit for AP African American Studies course (

Florida Social Studies Standards for 2023 Florida original link – the controversial part of this document has to do with teaching about how slaves developed skills while enslaved from which they later possibly benefited. This part is on page 6 in section SS.68.AA.2.3. I personally do not find such instruction problematic for it is true that slaves did develop skills which many later used for the benefit of themselves, their family and community. This in no way justified American form of slavery. Therefore, as long as it is not taught as a justification it is well rounded teaching of historical truth. The standards seemingly does not draw conclusions as to whether or not any form of slavery should have occurred at any point in American history. I think that is an appropriate approach for K12 as debates about such things should occur at a higher level than K12. We ought not bother young folks with such burdens; leave that for adulthood.

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