Pay Equity

There is a movement for women to achieve pay equity as it has been reported that far too many companies pay their female employees a fraction of what they pay their male employees for comparable positions and work efforts.

The Democratic Party is promoting pay equity as priority whereas it seems pay equity is not a priority to the Republican Party perhaps because the Republican party do not see it as a problem.

Now I certainly agree that pay should not be based on gender or race. Democratic party is right to push for that. Republican party is wrong to stand against it.

This should be easy to fix. In the military, male and female get the same base pay based on rank and years of service. Since both rank and years of service are publicly seeable on the dress uniform everyone knows what all basically get paid. If one is married and/or has children, one gets extra but even that is generally discernable.

So it seems a major reason not to post pay publicly within a company building is to hide pay probably due to something unfair going on. But that applies to pay regarding men and race not just women.

Many years ago, I left the Democrat party primarily because of their platform promotion of abortion and joined the Republican party. But I later left the Republican party when I realized they largely gave twisted logic concerning socio-economic equity. So I vote and otherwise operate independent of either party.

Reference: House of Representative Vote in March 2019 Concerning Gender Wage Gap

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