Of Why Not Judaism and Islam?

Christianity is superior to both Judaism and Islam in that Christianity gives man a more certain and greater hope than Judaism and Islam.  Thus all humans should accept Christianity and reject those portions of Judaism and Islam that are inconsistent with Christianity.  Judaism is rooted in the Old Covenant as primarily described in the Old Testament.

Christianity considers the Old Covenant but is rooted in the New Covenant as described in the New Testament. Christianity supersedes Judaism just as the New Covenant supersedes the Old Covenant.

Islam is similar to Judaism in that Islam is akin to the Old Covenant as described under the Old Testament.  Certainly Islam has some good doctrines and principles as does Judaism and the Old Testament.  But Christianity’s New Covenant spiritually supersedes Old Covenant doctrines of both Islam and Judaism.

Both Judaism and Islam reject Jesus Christ as the one true Messiah; they reject Jesus Christ and him crucified for the sins of the world and subsequent burial, resurrection, appearance, and ascension.  There is a group called Messianic Judaism/Jews. They are really Christians since they accept Jesus as the Messiah; however, they tend to emphasize some Jewish elements, e.g., some Jewish Holidays.

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