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The Federal Government has reportedly granted a waiver to a South Carolina Christian based foster care ministry. The waiver allows the ministry to deny foster care opportunity to same sex couples and non-Christians. I suppose this includes homosexual single persons as well. The waiver does require that the ministry make known that other foster care agencies are available to the public for possible access to the person (s) seeking to participate in foster care.


I certainly agree that same sex couples should not be foster parents. But the religion criteria gives me pause as it is a slippery slope.


God gives parents the primary responsibility for their child including religious training. Even though the custodial parent(s) are determined to be unfit regarding the child physical health and welfare, it is not the responsibility of a church, ministry or government to determine the spiritual welfare of children.


At the very least, the religious background of the parents, grandparents, or other close family members in that order should be considered.


For example, if the parents are Jewish or Muslim, then that child should not be released to the ministry that requested the exemption, etc.

If the religious background of the family cannot be determined or the family claims none, then assignment to a Christian only ministry would be appropriate as would assignment to any other religion-based or non-religion-based provider.


Article on the waiver granted to the ministry may be found here

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