A Note on Socio-Economic Shortfalls

Definition of Social Economics: Herein the word socio-economic refers to the interrelationships between social and economic factors. Social has to do with general relational influence within a nation, community, or other relatively smaller or larger groups. Economics has to do more specifically with financial relational influence with respect to such groups.

Most of life socio-economic shortfalls/shortcomings are rooted in the following personal shortfalls/shortcomings of oneself:

  1. Weak devotion to seeking and applying spiritual and moral truths first with respect to home life and second to society at large.
  2. Weak devotion to identifying, enhancing, and applying God given posture, abilities and capacities (PACs) to include but not limited to health/wellness (e.g., dental, visual, hearing, mobility, other physical, mental, emotional), wisdom, knowledge and understanding, rooted in what we already have no matter what PACs we inherit starting out in life at birth.
  3. Weak devotion to soundly and godly seeking, requesting, knocking on the door, and leveraging abundantly available access to the multitude of spiritual, academic, employment, business ownership, and charitable resources and opportunities provided by society, not to leech but so as to enhance our PACs.
  4. Far too much unproductively blaming others for our shortfalls even though those others sometimes inequitably present obstacles to our progress; for unproductive blame is detrimental to oneself not those others. It is unproductive to fail to recognize that obstacles of past generations no longer exist and/or have been weakened and/or restructured and/or new ones created; yet it is detrimental to us to allow any such obstacles to stop our progress as we must press through to success even in the presence of societal inequity.
  5. Such weak devotions and blame can begin in childhood and continue into adulthood and be lifelong, to our detriment at every life period if left uncorrected. In childhood it is primarily the person and his/her parents responsibility to correct. In adulthood it becomes primarily the person’s responsibility to correct no matter the personal or parental failures during childhood. Society has secondary responsibility during childhood and adulthood as a matter of last resort.


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