A Note on Abortion

Elizabeth Warren in the 2020 Presidential race answers a question about religious freedom. In her answer she speaks on abortion concluding that the Federal Government should not be involved in the decision making process. The link is below to the video.

It is that kind of twisted logic by Warren that caused me to leave the Democratic Party and eventually become an Independent.

One of the important tasks of government is to protect the weak against the strong through equitable opportunity. The person in the womb deserves that protection. With respect to abortion as a part of healthcare benefits, healthcare is about saving lives not taking lives; any healthcare policy should be rooted in the saving lives principle.

The only time abortion should be allowed is when the mother’s physical life/health is clearly in imminent danger as a self defense measure. Examples include imminent death and permanently bedridden. Social, emotional, and economic life do not qualify; otherwise, I should be able to go rape and rob someone for social/emotional pleasure and to get money. Of course, the government should and does have protective laws against such. Indeed, most abortions are for social, emotional, and economic reasons.

The argument that it’s the woman’s body and so she should be able to do with it what she wants lacks spiritual, intellectual, and legal integrity. Of course to Warren and like minded people the unborn is not human enough or not human at all

A more detailed discussion of my view about abortion may be found at the link below entitled About Abortion.

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