Why Not Islam?

Why Not Islam?

Christianity is superior to Islam in that Christianity gives man a more certain and greater hope than Islam. Thus all humans should accept Christianity and reject those portions of Islam that is inconsistent with Christianity. Islam is similar to Judaism in that Islam is akin to the Old Covenant as described under the Old Testament. Certainly Islam has some good doctrines and principles as does Judaism and the Old Testament. But Christianity’s New Covenant spiritually supersedes Old Covenant doctrines of both Islam and Judaism.

The word Allah is the Arabic word for God. The word Allah is said to have existed before Islam. Indeed, Christian Bibles written in the Arab language use the word Allah in place of the English word God. Thus, the word Allah is problematic in some but not all contexts.

The Quran does indicate that Jesus was not born of man but of a virgin by the power of God . (Quran 19:19-25 and Quran 3:45-49). These verses with various English translations may be found here.

In the Quran (Quran 3:2-4) we find the following:

Allah – there is no deity except Him, the Ever-Living, the Sustainer of existence. He has sent down upon you, [O Muhammad], the Book in truth, confirming what was before it. And He revealed the Torah and the Gospel. Before, as guidance for the people. And He revealed the Qur’an. Indeed, those who disbelieve in the verses of Allah will have a severe punishment, and Allah is exalted in Might, the Owner of Retribution.

In the Quran (Quran 4:157-158). we find the following:

And [for] their saying, “Indeed, we have killed the Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary, the messenger of Allah .” And they did not kill him, nor did they crucify him; but [another] was made to resemble him to them. And indeed, those who differ over it are in doubt about it. They have no knowledge of it except the following of assumption. And they did not kill him, for certain. Rather, Allah raised him to Himself. And ever is Allah Exalted in Might and Wise. (Quran verses 4:157-158).

In Acts 2:36 and Acts 4:10, Peter clearly says the Jews crucified Jesus.

From the above we see that the Quran recognizes the Mosaic Law and Gospel of Jesus Christ preceded the Quran and Islam.

The appearance of the words for certain in verse 157 indicates the Quran is saying Jesus did not really die but they only thought he did. In any case, the Quran does not make it clear that Jesus died. It does not mention Jesus been buried in the grave.

Thus we see that the proper answer to the question of Why Not Islam is very simple to derive:

In Islam Jesus is a great prophet and great teacher who Allah (Islam name for Creator God) empowered to perform many miracles and who lived a perfect life on earth and who God carried to Heaven. Since Jesus was a great prophet and teacher, it follows that Jesus claims are true and are to be believed and upheld. But Islam denies that Jesus Christ physically died and resurrected from death before ascension. Thus, Islam denies Jesus Christ as the Messianic sacrificial Lamb who God gave for the sins of humankind. Yet, their key difference is in their belief concerning Jesus Christ. In general, Christians believe Jesus is the Messiah who came to save a person from his own sins. Judaism and Islam seem to look for a Messiah to come to save a person from other people sins. In general, Christians hold that a person cannot save himself but only Jesus can save him. Judaism and Islam seem to hold that a person’s works is the major determinant in his salvation.

Jesus crucifixion is central and essential for the Christian faith. In denying the death and resurrection of Jesus, Islam denies the power of God to love humans so much that he would give his only begotten Son as payment for human sins and subsequently raise Jesus from the dead to illustrate God’s ability and promise to raise repentant humans from death unto eternal life. Jesus actual physical death and subsequent resurrection gives us hope that though we physically die God is able to raise us up in the end time unto salvation and heavenly bliss just as he raised up Jesus from physical death.

Islam depends on the works of humankind for salvation; Christianity depends on the reality of the sacrificial death of faithful Jesus Christ and his subsequent resurrection and ascension to Heaven. A core belief of Christianity is promotion and promulgation of the knowledge and acceptance of Jesus crucifixion for our sins and resurrection and observing all Jesus taught; this is what Jesus commanded us to do and is known as the Great Commission. Thus, it is important for Christians to preach and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ to those of Islam and other religions so as to convert them to the true doctrine of Jesus Christ.

On the Question of Moors

There is a group of people called Moors. The principal scripture of some, if not all Moors, is the Koran; thus, those Moors who hold the Koran as their principal scriptures are of the Islamic faith variety.

Some, if not all, Moors claim that they are the rightful original and still owners of the land of the United States of America (USA). Such claimants say they are not citizens of the USA and are sovereign people not subject to the laws of the USA. These claimants claim certain rights as a result of the Treaty of Peace and Friendship of 1786, entered into by the United States of America and the Kingdom of Morocco (the “Treaty”). According to these Moors, the Treaty subjects them only to the laws of Morocco, including the taxing provisions. Moreover, some if not all Moors do not believe that African Americans are technically citizens of the United States within the meaning of the United States Constitution as a result of many of the Moors’ predecessors being brought to the United States as slaves. Thus, they contend that descendants of slaves are not subject to the laws established pursuant to the Constitution.

It is noteworthy that the United States of America was already established as a sovereign nation at the time of the treaty of 1786. The fact that the King of Morocco entered into a treaty with the United States of America clearly suggests the King of Morocco recognized the USA as a sovereign nation; indeed, the treaty speaks of the USA as having ports and speaks of commerce with the USA as being on the same footing as commerce with Spain. The fact that the sovereign nation of the USA recognized by Morocco occupied the land of the USA at the signing of the treaty means that the land of the USA belong to the USA according to the treaty of 1786. Thus, the fallacy of the claimant logic is clear. Moreover, although the desire of some if not all was for the treaty to be permanent, the treaty itself says it would be in force for only 50 years. Thus, unless the treaty has been renewed unto today, that treaty is no longer binding and cannot be used to properly derive any rights for any people.

The following was taken from a Moorish website at Black Soul Science “We the people that have become known as black, and that inhabit the territories of North America can find our true identity hidden in the very book that has been used to enslave us, The Bible. If we are taught how to read, we can then find ourselves in the scriptures and therefore in history. This work would be easily done once we are able to see our true selves in the Bible. We thought ourselves to be African’s, brought to the said America’s (North, Central, and South). However, our enemies who have given us this education were not and are not all powerful, and therefore didn’t and couldn’t wipe out all of our knowledge of who we are. They in fact kept it best hidden from us as it was in front of our face.

Our people are, without any reason to doubt, written in the Bible under the names Israelites, and Children of Israel. We are historically written about as Moors. With these two FACTS, to begin with, we can now answer the first most necessary question of Self Science, Who am I? The question that follows is of course what am I? But you won’t ever know the facts of what you are if you don’t know who you are. Here is the beginning of wisdom, let those who have ears hear, as it will make you free!

“We are Israelites, and we are Moors.”

The fact that the above statement refers to the Bible as that Bible book that has been used to enslave blacks that inhabit the territories of North America, suggests that the Bible spoken of is the Christian Bible. So then even if the Israelites were Black people and even if Jesus of this Bible was Black, it still holds that the Bible says Jesus died on the cross for our sins and was resurrected unto life. His color is of no spiritual significance regarding salvation.

Now then let us consider the statement “We are Israelites, and we are Moors”. If this statement be true, then the statement We are Israelites, and we are Moors, and we are Jews would also be true since Jews are Israelites since a visit to Israel today would show many people there call themselves Israelites and Jews. If blacks of today have the right to call themselves Israelites, so do whites of Israel of today. Moreover, since there are both black and white Jews; it follows that there are both black and white Israelites and it therefore follows that there are both black and white Moors. Thus, we are one which is precisely why the bible is colorblind since it promotes the oneness of humankind in Christ Jesus regardless of skin color. The Bible does not promote the superiority of one race over another. The physical nation of Israel is simply that nation of people into which God chose Jesus to be physically born; after all he had to choose some nation. That does not make the physical nation of Israel any more important than any other nation. All believers in Jesus Christ are spiritual Jews and are spiritual Israelites in the sense of being God’s chosen people. So once again, we see the fallacy of the logic of any Moorish claimant that try to say that black people are superior to or more honorable than white people, when and if such specific claims are made. Such claimants would be stepping into the shoes of the American slave masters by counting whites as less human than blacks or subhuman or of some other lesser characteristic than blacks. As Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said our aim must not be to humiliate white people but to win their friendship. So then let the Moors and all people seek to win the friendship of others rather than to be enemies. Let all races and color of people seek oneness rather than superiority.

This document shows major logical fallacies in the Moorish claimants. The Bible says come let us reason together. But reasoning requires consideration of applicable truths; inapplicable truths must be filtered out in arriving at a proper conclusion. If I ask the question How can I get to Dallas, Texas from Texarkana, Arkansas, the fastest by car, the fact that I can get their faster by airplane is an inapplicable truth. This is the kind of logical fallacy Moorish claimant engage in for the purpose of proving their superiority or rights. There is no spiritual, economic, justice, social, political, historical, or any other value in such claims for black people or white people.

It is certainly true that many history books have left out the contributions of Blacks in many areas. However, as blacks contribute to correction of history, let us not ourselves introduce untruths which would by definition not correct history but introduce further historical errors into the record.

See the blacksoulscience.com as well as the Moorish Science Temple of America website for more information on Moors.

To God Be the Glory!

References. These are provided for information purposes. They are not intended to indicate by agreement with all that is set forth in them.


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