Supreme Court Nomination of Amy Coney Barrett

This Nomination of Amy Coney Barrett for Supreme Court Justice by President Trump has nothing to do with the election except maybe encourage people on both sides to get out to vote. But if she is confirmed before November 3rd, she will be a Supreme Court Justice no matter who wins the election. I don’t know whether she will be confirmed or not though I hope she is unless something comes out about her that disqualifies her in my view. Even if she is confirmed I don’t know how she will vote on various matters as Justices have been known to surprise people from time to time.

I am an Independent, not Democrat and not Republican. When I go to the polls to vote I consider a number of factors important to me at the time as no candidate or party perfectly lines up with what I hold to be right. So where I stand on a particular issue or particular strength or flaw of a candidate does not necessarily reflect my vote regarding a particular candidate. So this post is not about the election.

Abortion is the issue that is front and center concerning the nominee. So let me speak to that a little bit.

Abortion vs Racism – Easy one for me.

Aborted babies have no opportunity for a livelihood.

A person who faces racism at least has an opportunity for a great livelihood like many Blacks do have today although proportionally far too many lack equity.

So for you Christians who say God has nothing to do with Government, your logic is flawed. The debate about the nomination proves it. You clearly do not understand Jesus word concerning render unto Caesar that which is Caesars and unto God that which is God’s. Paul understood them clearly which is why he wrote Romans 13:1-7 which has to do with God ordaining government personnel as ministers of that which is righteous not that which is evil.

No the debate is not about delaying because it is so close though that is the claim. If the Democrats were in charge and thought they could get someone confirmed without the Republicans, I doubt they would delay and certainly should not delay.

Right now the Democratic Party leaders are upset because a person has been nominated who they believe support doing away with or at least further restricting abortions. They understand like all should understand that the Constitution has no voice. The voice is in the interpretation of those words by those who sit on the Court. The question is will the words be interpreted by God’s standard or by Satan’s standard. I choose God’s standard. The Privacy claim is ludicrous. There is absolutely nothing private about a baby conceived during sex and even sex involves two not one. Simple as that.

Ideally, Judicial appointments would be non-partisan. Indeed, the Justices already on the Supreme Court should say as the apostles said as recorded in Acts 5:29 “I would rather obey God than man” and vote to overturn that wrong ruling in Roe vs. Wade. But of course, we live in a sinful world where spiritual immaturity and partisan politics are both present.

So I support doing away with abortion except as a self-defense measure when the mother physical (not mental or socio-economic) life is clearly in imminent danger.

All Truth Must Rise!

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