Religious Liberty and COVID-19 Government Restrictions

During the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic churchs had to decide whether to stay open or close.  Some chose to stay open and some chose to close.  Some chose to close part of the time such as when there were spikes in cases.

In some areas the government established rules against entities including churches being open for mass gatherings.  In some areas the government chose to sue churches in court who did not comply.

For example in California Grace Community Church led by John McArthur at first chose to close but later chose to not comply.  This led to a court battle that eventually ended up in a settlement with the government giving up and agreeing to pay the church $800,000.

There is an old adage that two wrongs do not make a right.

The settlement does not prove McArthur was right; it just proves the state/county government was wrong in prosecuting the case. A settlemnt simply means the settling party decided the cost is not worth continuing the fight. Almost a million dollars on both sides spent assuming the 800K payment is to cover the church legal cost and maybe a little extra. All of this on something as common sense as you don’t need to be in a building to worship and proclaim God and the government should not try and make grown folks not meet to worship God.

I appreciate most of McArthur messenges I have heard. But on this matter I refer McArthur and those with an attitude like him to Matthew 4:5-7 where Jesus gives a lesson of the difference between wise faith and foolish faith.
Oh and we all exercise fooish faith in our lives and sometimes no natural harm comes but that still does not make us right to do it.

Thank God for his grace.



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