Of Jewish Traditional Worship

Of Jewish Traditional (Orthodox/Conservative) and Modernized (Reformed/Liberal) Worship

Although not binding on Christianity, the following information regarding Jewish worship is instructive and insightful:

“Public worship takes place in a synagogue. A rabbi usually leads the services and a cantor leads the laity in singing. In Orthodox synagogues, when there are 10 men over the age of 13 present (ie a minyan), lay people can lead a service. In many Liberal and Reform synagogues adult women count as part of the minyan.

“There are differences between Orthodox and Reform worship:

Orthodox worship is traditional worship, as described in the Torah. Much of the service is conducted in Hebrew, men and women sit separately, men must cover their heads with a kippah, only men can be rabbis, singing is unaccompanied by music, and Jews are expected to walk to the synagogue on Shabbat since driving is considered a forbidden form of work.

Reform and liberal worship is adapted to modern times. Most Reform Jews travel to the synagogue by car. Men and women can sit together and women can be rabbis. Head coverings are not required but men may choose to wear a kippah. Singing may be accompanied by music but the prayers are generally spoken.”

The above information on Jewish Worship was taken from an article here.

Additional info may be found in the article entitled What Is A Synagogue? and here.

To God Be the Glory!

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