Hate and Nationalism Hearing and Candace Owens

The US House of Representatives Judiciary Committee held a hearing on April 9, 2019 on hate crimes and White Nationalism. A link to my article on the hearing may be found in the reference section.

Since the Democrats are the majority in the House of Representatives in April 2019, they comprise the chairmanship. This article discusses one of the speakers invited by the Republican Party, a black conservative female named Candace Owens.

She is discussed separately from the general article on the hearing since her testimony was different than what blacks traditionally had brought to such discussions. On the other had, the testimony of the other black speakers was useful but pretty much the usual black narrative.

Now let’s look at Candace in some measure of detail. As indicated above, I look at Candace in relative detail because she represents a non status quo perspective from the black community. Candace is a black conservative who is pro-life and who supports Present Trump. She works for a conservative advocacy group.

She mentions her grandfather sitting behind her and how he influenced her not to feel like a victim even though her life was threatened when she was a child by a then Mayors son and others all because of her skin color. Candace is founder of Blexit, a movement to encourage Blacks to leave the Democratic Party.

Let me say that I don’t agree with Candace on her characterization and dismissal of the what has been called the “Southern Strategy” which is addressed at the references below. Clearly, she needs to study that more so as to expand her understanding of it in its totality.

I left the Democratic Party some years ago and went to the Republican Party because I became highly displeased with the Democratic support for abortions. I later left the Republican Party because I became displeased with their seemingly lack of sufficient concern for the have-nots. Indeed, both the Democrat and Republican Parties have introduced and enforced policies and laws which were unfair to the black community as a whole. So I am an Independent meaning I vote the person and the issue not the party.

I am including the YouTube Video of the hearing below as YouTube allows me to more easily auto start the video at Candace testimony in the hearing and I want to emphasize her testimony as it focuses on blacks in America today more so than in historical terms as is done by the other testimonies.

During part of her opening comments, Candace spoke about an incident that happened since you has been outspoken. The YouTube video below covers that with overlayed information from that incident as well as her responses during the questioning period. This questioning period included an unfair characterization of some comments she had made about Hitler.


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