Critical Race Theory

What is Critical Race Theory and Why is it Under Attack? – includes Kimberle Crenshaw, who coined the terms Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality. Speaks about Washington-Davis 1976 Case involving Washington DC Police Force but ignores progress in attitude and law exemplified by 2020 DC Annual Report where 50% of bureau chiefs were black, 57% of district commanders were black (Page 8-9) and 55% of sworn force was black and 35% white (Page 32)

Legal Insurrection Foundation: Critical Race Theory in Education

Hillsdale: Critical Race Theory: What It Is and How to Fight It

Harvard: Critical Race Theory

Purdue: Critical Race Theory (1970s-present)

Middle Tennessee State Univ: Critical Race Theory

Poynter: What is critical race theory, and why are conservatives blocking it?

ABA: A Lesson on Critical Race Theory

Anti-Critical Race Theory Nonprofit Takes Out Half Million Dollar Ad

Civil Rights Race and Racism Social Issues Socio-Economics Government Education

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