Church Denominational Positions on Homosexuality and Same Sex Marriages

On February 26, 2019, the United Methodist Church (UMC) Special Session of General Conference met to consider the UMC churchwide official doctrinal position on homosexuality.

The group rightly voted to denounce homosexuality. They rightly declared homosexuality, same sex marriage, ordination of openy gay members to be bishops, and the LGBT movement in general as incompatible with the Christian faith.

Prior to this vote it is reported that a majority of the UMC Council of Bishops had issued a letter to the global UMC in support of homosexuality tolerance within the UMC.

Indeed the spiritual warfare is intensifying in America and beyond. It is good news when the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not corrupted. Giving love for God priority over love for humans is a good thing (Matthew 22:34-40).


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