Business People Resign from the President’s Manufacturing Council — A Bad Move

I am more and more convinced we live in a time where our churches and education system have produced far too many people who are far too cowardly and lack insufficient integrity.

Far too many of such people of all races and genders are leading our churches, governments, businesses, academic institutions, and media.

Let those cowardly and dishonest CEOs who used the Charlottesville incident as an excuse to resign from the President’s manufacturing council exercise some useful courage. 

Let them and their companies by name not just behind the scenes fund initiatives that strongly publicly denounce white supremacy and racial hatred and racial disparities of various named types.

Let them identify what their company has done, is doing, and will continue to do regarding increasing racial love and racial equity, and decreasing racial hatred and racial supremacy. At a minimum let them run ads against white supremacy and identify their initiatives. Let them encourage and fund their churches to come out publically against racism and white supremacy in particular as well as black supremacy in particular.

Let them show the same courage they are calling on President Trump to show.  It seems they could have used their national presence to denounce White Supremacy and raise awareness for the need for greater racial equity in our nation.  They could have done so individually and as a group.  It seems they could have traveled around the nation as a group speaking against White Supremacy and racial injustice.

I am confident they have been at the top longer than President Trump.

If any have already and/or are doing what I suggest I applaud them. But resigning from the council was not the answer. They could have used their presence on the council to communicate and address racial socioeconomic issues in a way that would contribute to improving the racial climate in our nation.

Their resignation shows they have no clue and/or no sincere concern for what is going on and has been going on in our society for a long, long time.

Yes, it did not start with President Trump and when he is no longer President, it will be a challenge before us. The question is what will we as a nation do now to meet the challenge in real courageous rather than pretense cowardly terms.

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