TLI Purpose

Welcome to Total Life Insight (TLI). The principal purpose of TLI is to serve as an information resource for truth and integrity. TLI promotes righteous unity, appreciation, and understanding among people of every race, sex/gender, and ethnicity.

TLI is brought to you by Quality Life Promotion Corporation (QLPC) and is the vision of QLPC Founder Chaurcey D. Boyd.

TLI centrally provides, directly or indirectly by referral, integrated Christian-based strategically focused visible foundational decision-making information and opportunities in a variety of life areas. These areas include, but are not limited to, faith, freedom, family, finances and associated employment, education, politics, and technology.   As appropriate, TLI may also provide information by non-Christian sources and sources whose Christian affiliation is unknown when such information aligns with Christian principles.  As appropriate, TLI may also provide insight into non-Christian information especially in contrast to Christian information; attempts will be made to point out where Christian principles differ.

TLI encourages all to demonstrate greater love for God (Father, Son Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit), ourselves, and each other in both word and deed. TLI promotes sound universal biblical doctrine and demotes denominational biases and falsehoods. TLI aims to operate in the spirit of biblical excellence, integrity, and accountability. TLI aims to complement but differ in focus from other sites/publications.

This site has two primary goals:

(1) To set forth information on various spiritual and biblical topics with respect to my faith.
(2) To address the application of biblical principles to various societal issues humans face individually and collectively.

As TLI addresses controversial issues, please be mindful that the goal is always to keep the biblical mandate of love and the biblical mandate not to be a respecter of persons or show favoritism. The goal is to contribute balance to the conversation.

Pray and let the Holy Spirit teach you according to your level of spiritual maturity, spiritual understanding, and spiritual needs. Speak to your church leadership about any concern you have in the hope that all will gain deeper insight and understanding of various spiritual issues.

Let us all be mindful of Jesus’s warning against turning the doctrines of men into the commandments of God (Matthew 15:7-9) and Paul’s warning against not enduring sound doctrine (2 Timothy 4:1-5).

As Paul corrected Peter even after Peter was an apostle and filled with the Holy Ghost (Galatians 2:11-14), it is good to help one another to know, present, and practice the truth. No one should be ashamed to change his or her viewpoint on a matter when he/she learns better. Repentance is always good.

The Holy Spirit through Paul reminds us that now we see through the glass darkly seeing in part and knowing in part (1 Cor 13:12). I am mindful that even saved sanctified Holy Ghost filled Peter had to learn about dealing with the Gentiles (Gal 2:11-14; Acts 10:34). Indeed, I must admit I have grown in my understanding of various spiritual doctrines. I therefore caution myself and all to be open to a deeper understanding of the various subject matters and not to be so dogmatic/rigid/insistent about one’s position especially when one is not the decision making authority. This does not mean one has to speak and/or act in a way that violates one’s integrity. This does not mean one should avoid sharing one’s belief, publicly or privately, when the circumstance warrants it. It does mean one should do so with care giving preference to private sharing unless public sharing is absolutely warranted.

All articles on this site are by Chaurcey D. Boyd unless otherwise noted. Much of the articles are based on messages prepared by Chaurcey at least as early as 2010. External articles with the same title as ones on this site contain the essential content as the ones with that title on this site.  However, they may differ in some non-essential details.  Plans are to eventually move most if not all such articles to this site.

Participation and submissions by persons and organizations are not intended to necessarily represent their agreement with anything except that which has being clearly submitted by them.

Corporate sponsors support the general mission of TLI; however, their participation are not intended to represent their agreement with everything included on the site or other TLI material/media.

Similarly, external links on this site should not be viewed as agreement with everything said via the link nor their agreement with everything on this website.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or recommendations as to content, including clarifications.