Race and Racism Racism

About Race and Sociological Stereotyping

Stereotyping is a longstanding social behavior. Stereotyping fundamentally is drawing conclusions about an individual or group based on observed behavior or reported or taught or otherwise learned behavior which may not be true of the specific object of the stereotype … Read the rest “About Race and Sociological Stereotyping”

Family Care Courts and Law

About Abortion

Summary: The only time abortion should be allowed is when the mother’s physical life/health is clearly in imminent danger as a self defense measure. Examples include imminent death and being permanently bedridden. Social, emotional, and economic life do not qualify.Read the rest “About Abortion”


Notes on Apocrypha and Differences Between Protestant and Catholic Bibles

Canonized means that set of writings earlier church authorities determined to be doctrinally accurate and doctrinally consistent and therefore doctrinally sound. It is these set of writings that earlier church authorities determined are to be used as the basis for … Read the rest “Notes on Apocrypha and Differences Between Protestant and Catholic Bibles”

Bible Basic Christian Doctrine

Of The Bible

God communicates to humankind by his Holy Spirit in various ways, including the Holy Bible, the Word of God, the sword of the Holy Spirit. Although God has, can, and still does at his option communicate with humankind through other … Read the rest “Of The Bible”

Christianity Christian Sabbath/Holidays

Catholic Church and Its Canons on the Sabbath and Lord’s Day

Some claim that the Catholic Church changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday.  But this seems not to be the case.  What the Catholic Church has done is not recognize the Sabbath (Jewish Sabbath) as binding on the Christian Church.  … Read the rest “Catholic Church and Its Canons on the Sabbath and Lord’s Day”