Interesting External Articles

Interesting External Articles


Minneapolis Public Safety Commissioner is Black as is its Police Chief

Minneapolis police chief faces new test after George Floyd death

We Must All Talk About White Privilege

Independent autopsy requested for George Floyd

Massive eruption,’ like Minneapolis protests, is what drives change: Experts

 Criminal Charges in George Floyd’s Death Set Up Legal Battle

US Supreme Court Rules Criminal Verdict Must Be Unanimous to Convict of Serious Crime

Racial Toll of Virus Grows Even Starker as More Data Emerges

Share My Lesson

Wide Open Education

Economic Justice Gor All Funding Cohort

The Return: Prayer, Repentance, and Revival Gathering in Washington DC September 26, 2020

White House Coronavirus Task Force Briefing March 27, 2020 – At about the 11:30 point in the video President Trump said he had signed the $2.2 Trillion bill and it could go up to $6.2 trillion if need be.

IRS COVID-19 Info 

NBC News on Congress’s COVID-19 Bill

Arkansas Judge Offers Mental Health Help In Place of Bond

Bowie County Texas 2020 Racial Profiling Report   PDF of Report Also Here

Georgia Number 1 State for
Black Entrepreneurs

Honoring a legacy | TISD luminary George Moore inducted into Hall of Fame

Mississippi seeks abortion ban for race, sex, genetic error

Court Considers Whether Men-Only Draft Is Constitutional

US Supreme Court Hears Shreveport Louisiana Based Abortion Clinic Case in March 2020

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