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Arkansas Supreme Court and Male – Female Equity

The Texarkana Gazette on March 4, 2020 published an Associated Press article entitled Arkansas high court candidate backed by GOP leaders takes an early lead.

The Texarkana Gazette  article is about the 2020 Arkansas State Supreme Court election. My … Read the rest “Arkansas Supreme Court and Male – Female Equity”

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A Note on Abortion

Elizabeth Warren in the 2020 Presidential race answers a question about religious freedom. In her answer she speaks on abortion concluding that the Federal Government should not be involved in the decision making process. The link is below to the … Read the rest “A Note on Abortion”

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Resurrection City 1968

The below link is to an article about the 1968 March on Washington that Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. planned to lead before his assassination as he and the Southern Christian Leader ship Conference (SCLC) and others sought to bridge … Read the rest “Resurrection City 1968”

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Diversity On Abortion in Democratic Party?

Cynthia Allen discusses the Democratic Party Leadership seemingly lack of official support for diverse views against arbitrary abortions among democrats.

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Pay Equity

There is a movement for women to achieve pay equity as it has been reported that far too many companies pay their female employees a fraction of what they pay their male employees for comparable positions and work efforts.

The … Read the rest “Pay Equity”