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Nation of Israel

Nation of Israel’s Constitution:

    Nation of Israel has a Proclamation of Independence establishing the state of Israel is of the type of the US Declaration of Independence. However, it does not have a formal written constitution of the type of … Read the rest “Nation of Israel”

Judaism Church Organization and Worship Church

A Look At Worship

This article considers various styles and preferences present in various local/regional expressions of the universal church, the world wide body of Christ.

A Researched Understanding of the Theology of Congregational Worship in the Bayside Church of Christ, Virginia Beach, VirginiaRead the rest “A Look At Worship”


A Note On Hanukkah

Interesting article at the link below!

John 10:22-23 says:

(22) And it was at Jerusalem the feast of the dedication, and it was winter. (23) And Jesus walked in the temple in Solomon’s porch.

The author says the feast of … Read the rest “A Note On Hanukkah”

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Paul Participation in Mosaic Laws and Rituals

Acts 21:18-26, Luke records how Paul participated in a ceremonial Jewish purification rite involving offerings under the law which I presume to involve sacrifice of some type of animal.

The question arises as to why did Paul submit to this … Read the rest “Paul Participation in Mosaic Laws and Rituals”

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Biblical Feasts, Festivals, and Holidays

Feasts and Festivals are similar to what we call holidays.  There are four categories of such holidays: Old Covenant Feasts and Festivals; New Covenant Feasts and Festivals; Jewish Holidays not specifically in the Bible such as Hanukkah, and Christian Holidays … Read the rest “Biblical Feasts, Festivals, and Holidays”