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A Note On Creation

Creation of Nature
Genesis 1 and 2 provides an account of creation of heaven and earth by God in the beginning.

The scriptures says that in 5 days and the first part of the sixth day God created light, heaven, … Read the rest “A Note On Creation”

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Dietary Laws and the Bible

In the Old Testament, God gives a number of instructions concerning what humans can and cannot eat. These are called dietary or Kosher laws.  The word kosher derives from this law idea as a food is said to be kosher … Read the rest “Dietary Laws and the Bible”

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Christianity and Slavery

An 1842 book about “The Religious Instruction of the Negroes in the United States” by Rev. Charles Colcock Jones (1804-1863) provides a historical account of Christianity and Slavery in America up to that point.  Of course, slavery did not officially … Read the rest “Christianity and Slavery”

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Of Use of Language

The original bible manuscripts were written in a combination of what we call the Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic languages.  I will abbreviate these as HGA.

The Bible exists in a variety of languages since numerous individuals do not speak HGA. … Read the rest “Of Use of Language”


Notes on Apocrypha and Differences Between Protestant and Catholic Bibles

Canonized means that set of writings earlier church authorities determined to be doctrinally accurate and doctrinally consistent and therefore doctrinally sound. It is these set of writings that earlier church authorities determined are to be used as the basis for … Read the rest “Notes on Apocrypha and Differences Between Protestant and Catholic Bibles”