Happiness and Joy

Happiness and joy are certainly something we all desire. So what is joy and what is happiness? Is there really a difference, biblically and otherwise?

As a practical matter a happy person is joyful and a joyful person is happy. … Read the rest “Happiness and Joy”

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Parables, Myths, Fables, and Fairy Tales

A parable is a short true story that also teach a good moral lesson. It may involve animals or other inanimate objects taking on human features as in the case of the donkey and rocks in parables given by Jesus. … Read the rest “Parables, Myths, Fables, and Fairy Tales”

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State of Black America Info

Here you will find some interesting information on Black America regarding such things as government statistics, purchasing power, habits, and similar information.

State of Black America (National Urban League)

John M. Crisp: Stop bragging about black and Hispanic unemployment ratesRead the rest “State of Black America Info”