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Spiritual Warfare in America

The spiritual warfare is intensifying in America.

Let us not think it is just about our lifetime.
Let us consider our children’s and grandchildren’s and other family members lifetime.

Let’s stand strong for Jesus and the Christian Faith!

Our Constitution … Read the rest “Spiritual Warfare in America”

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About Schools and Mathematics

The other day I ran across a Facebook post about an equation that had gone viral.  People were coming up with different answers to the equation.

Here is the equation:

6 ÷ 2 (1+2) =

Some say the answer is … Read the rest “About Schools and Mathematics”

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In God We Trust Motto For Schools

Act 911, dated 4/5/2017, of the state of Arkansas mandates that the national motto of the United States “In God We Trust” be displayed  above the US Flag in state public schools and state administrative agencies.  No tax dollars is … Read the rest “In God We Trust Motto For Schools”

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Annual Bring Your Bible To School Day

Amazing stand for God, Bible and Christianity!

The nationwide Bring your Bible to School Day for 2017 is Oct 5th. Students are constitutionally permitted to read their bible and share their faith outside of classrooms and certain other assemblies/gathering.

Bring … Read the rest “Annual Bring Your Bible To School Day”

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Harvard Changes Its Seal

Harvard University has decided to change its official seal.  It is said the seal is derived from the family crest of a slave-master family.

See USA Today article here for more details.

For a partial history of the Harvard seal … Read the rest “Harvard Changes Its Seal”